3rd National Future of Medicine Congress

On our 3rd congress that we organized in the previous year we hosted over 500 doctors from all over Turkey. We arranged more than 10 courses with our valuable professors. Our doctor candidates and professors have given oral presantations in many fields such as stem cells, facial transplantations, cancer treatments and robotic surgery. We showed a 360 degree view of an operation to our participants introducing VR (virtual reality), technology of the future. We hold a medicine themed photography contest. At the end top 3 were awarded the prizes. In the closing speech we were honoured by listening intriguing, eye-opening, interesting scientific studies and cases from our guest of honour Prof. Dr. Gazi Yaşargil, the worldly renowned neurosurgeon. We have benefited from his 44 years of professional experience. We also hosted Prof.Dr. Nazan AYDIN and dear Rüstem KELEŞ as guests of honour.