Oral Presentation and Poster

4th Future Of Medicine Congress
Presentation Rules
1. A category of presentation topic should be selected for the abstract.
2. Abstracts (except title, speaker and institution names) should not exceed 300 words.
3. Abstracts should be submitted by paying attention to orthographic rules.
4. The title should be in a manner that explains the content of the study.
5. Abstracts must be structured and written in order of heading, aim, methods, findings and conclusion.
6. The university and faculty you study and your grade must be stated.
7. The oral presentations should be presented in 12 minutes with a discussion time of 3 minutes.
8. When preparing presentation slides please note that:

  • There are no more than 7 lines in your slides.
  • The number of words in the row does not exceed 6.
  • Make sure that the slides are prepared horizontally and that the tables with very wide content are not included in the slides.

9. The participants will be able to present their oral presentations in Turkish or English.
10. You will be able to submit your abstract in English in the format of Word file until March 1, 2019.
11. In case your abstract is accepted, you must submit your presentation to sauttatkongre@gmail.com by March 15, 2019 for our review.

POSTER`S Abstract Rules
1. Applicationss can be done by sending your abstract or poster text to sauttatkongre@gmail.com email address, which includes author name and surname and its category either oral presentation/poster presentation, in their email.

2. Abstract deadline: March 01, 2019.

3. Posters will be prepared in English. The authors will be able to present their oral presentations in Turkish or English according to their preferences.

4. In order to submitted abstracts to be accepted, the authors must complete the registration and pay the fee by March 1, 2019 .

5. Assessment of submitted abstracts will be in a 1 week. The results of assessment will be notified to the e-mail address sent at the latest on March 10, 2019.6. Poster Abstract Rules:

a. The title of the abstract should be determined in a short, comprehensible and a maximum with 12 words. The abstract should not exceed 300 words, excluding title, author’s name and surname.
b. Times New Roman font should be used in 12 font size.
c. Poster should include the names, surnames and institutions of the authors.
d. The title should be in a manner that explains the content of the study. The first letter of all words other than the words which have a special meaning in the abstract should be written with capital letters. (For example: Spirometer Values in COPD Patients in Our Region).
e. In the text, except chemical symbols and international units, if an abbreviation is used in the abstract, the abbreviation’s explicit name should be given in breckats where it first mentioned.
f. The summary of the oral presentation should include the following headings for research or case presentation: “Aim”, “Materials and Methods”, or “Case Description”, ” Results”, ” Conclusion”.
g. There should be 3-5 key words which summarises the research.
h. The abstract should be understandable.
i. The author name should be written in appropriate place and institution-adress-phone number-email should written absolutely in abstract.
j. No table and figure can be used during poster summary submission.

7. As a result of the Oral presentation/Poster jury evaluation, among the oral presentations owners who won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd awards and among case series owner who won the best case poster will be presented at gala dinner.

8. Poster presentation will be between 09.00- 10.00 on April 20, 2019 .

9. Posters except the studens` posters will be priced 250 Turkish Liras.

Poster Preparing Rules

1. Each poster is prepared so that the maximum horizontal axis does not exceed 70 cm, vertical axis 100 cm.

2. Congress and corporate logos are on the left or right corner of the poster. On the right is the SAUTTAT logo on the left is the logo of the author’s work institution.

3. In posters, the names of the researchers In abstracts, names of researchers (without mentioning their academic titles) and institutions where they work should be written on the bottom of poster presentations.In the presence of researchers working in different institutions, the names of the institutions are encoded in different numbers and the number is known as the upper symbol next to the name of the researcher. The name of the contribution of poster presentation is underlined.

4. Poster title must be written in 48-point font and bold (bold) and should not be more than 2 lines. Abstract and text should be prepared in English.

5. The name of the person who will present the poster should be written with 36-point font and bold (bold). Names should be written in lowercase so that only the first letter will be the uppercase. Example: Mehmet Küçük

6. Authors ‘ working institutions should be written in 36-point font.

7. Text headings should be written in 24-point font and bold (bold).

8. The text should be written in a 24-point font.

9. The summary of the oral presentation should include the following headings for research or case presentation : “Aim”, “Materials and Methods”, or “Case Description” ; ” Results”, ” Conclusion”; “ References ”; “ Keyword” .

10. References should be cited in the text with the name, year, and should be included in the bibliography section. The resources should be given in the order of the transition in the text.**Bildirilerle ilgili sorularınız için iletişim adresi: byza.yavuz.1@gmail.com