The Healing Effect of Love on the Heart

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If you have love in your life, it can benefit your cardiovascular health. Do you feel your heart beating faster when you are with your loved one? If your answer is yes, this situation can do more than just make you feel excitement and happiness; it can protect and improve your heart health. Christopher Suhar, the cardiologist and director of the Scripps Integrative Medicine Center, says, “According to theories, love especially induces calmness in blood pressure, and this has significant effects on cardiovascular health.”

Moreover, love helps in the recovery phase of your heart problems! Research shows that married individuals tend to live longer and have higher chances of recovery during the treatment process. Dr. Suhar says, “The positive impact of marriage on heart health is greater in men than women. But overall, marriage has a life-extending effect. This could be due to having someone in your life who cares only about you.”

Love that could benefit your heart health doesn’t have to be limited to romantic love between two people!

Having close and loving relationships with your friends or family can also be beneficial for your cardiovascular health. Researchers have investigated the role of the support of loved ones in the recovery process after heart bypass surgery. Over time, it was observed that patients with good social support had better recovery and survival rates. Dr. Suhar says, “Many surgeons counsel their patients about the importance of support after surgery. This support includes not only spouses but also close friends and family.”

Dr. Suhar also states, “Pet owners have significantly higher survival rates after heart surgeries. I believe the reason is the unconditional love provided by pets.”

While having love in your life can benefit your health, a broken heart can also have harmful effects on the heart. Broken heart syndrome, also known as Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, was first identified in Japan in 1990. Although it can occur in both genders, it is more commonly observed in women. It typically involves sudden enlargement of the heart after severe emotional stress. It presents to the emergency department with typical symptoms of myocardial infarction, but coronary arteries (the arteries supplying the heart) are found to be clean after angiography. It is usually reversible, and the heart tends to recover once the stress factor is removed.

Dr. Suhar says, “I think having love in your life is crucial for a healthy life,” and he adds, “The love I’m talking about is not just romantic love but also the love between parents, siblings, friends, or pets. The goal is to have love that reduces stress and anxiety in your life and provides benefits to your heart.”




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